Our History

Age & Opportunity traces its origins to a survey carried out by the National Council on Ageing and Older People into the attitudes of younger people to ageing. The results of the survey, conducted among young people at the end of their second-level education, convinced the Council that it was time to take action to promote more positive attitudes to ageing and older people. The first National Day on Ageing, organised by the Council in 1988, provoked widespread interest and subsequently led to the establishment of Age & Opportunity as an independent national agency. Since then, Age & Opportunity has grown to become the Irish national organisation that inspires people to make choices that lead to fulfilling, healthy lives as they age.

Age & Opportunity is distinct from other organisations in that its work is carried out through a series of targeted, practical programmes delivered in collaboration with a range of partners. Collectively, these programmes serve a broad remit by promoting older people’s active involvement in areas ranging from the arts to physical activity; delivering education programmes to challenge negative attitudes to ageing; confidence-building and influencing and enabling development within the ageing sector.

Bealtaine festival

Bealtaine Festival

Bealtaine 2017 is on it's way! Registration for Bealtaine events is still open on our website, and you can find out more about our theme and the 2017 Programme by...

Creative Exchanges

Creative Exchanges

Book now for our 2019 Creative Exchanges courses. This is a course for anyone leading creative activities with older people in care...