As part of Age & Opportunity’s Arts & Culture programme, the Samhain events celebrate the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain with an exploration of the rhythms of life and death through the creative arts. 

Age & Opportunity’s Bealtaine Festival has run for 18 years, celebrating creativity and new beginnings as we age. Samhain was established in 2012 to start to look at aspects of the darker side of ageing including death, resilience, healing and forgiveness. All events take place duing November and are organised in cooperation with the National Museum of Ireland and Poetry Ireland. 

Take a look at this short video from one of the Samhain 2013 events:


Samhain, the Irish for November, is a traditional Celtic harvest festival and was a time to prepare for the winter’s hardship, the harvest was gathered in and the ancestors would be called on for their wisdom on how to get through the dark nights. This contemporary Samhain is a time for older people to look at where they came from and what they have learned in order to build resilience for a harder road ahead.

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