Bespoke training

Bespoke training, advice and mentoring in the areas of arts, physical activity and education

Age & Opportunity, over the past 25 years, has worked to inspire everyone to reach their full potential as we age. We have run large-scale, multi-partner projects such as the Bealtaine festival and Go for Life, and much smaller projects such as Azure and FitLine.

We have learned a lot about the changing needs and desires of older people in Ireland and we strive to find better ways in which to engage with the diverse sections of society that make up our older population. From the very beginning, we have tried to create an honest picture about what it means to be older in Ireland. In the past, it was battling against unremittingly negative images. Now, the images are more diverse and our work is often decoding those images to show what truth and what stereotypes lie behind them.

We have also learned a lot about working with our partner organisations in local authorities, partnership companies, health promotion units, education and training boards, libraries, active retirement groups, government departments, arts centres, cultural institutions and private businesses. This ability to work respectfully as a trustworthy partner has allowed us to create a national reach for much of what we do.

If you are seeking help or support in a new role or in developing a project or programme that will impact on the lives of older people in Ireland, please contact us on 01 805 7709 to find out how we can work with you.

Bealtaine festival

Bealtaine Festival

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Creative Exchanges

Creative Exchanges

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