Go for Life Grant Scheme

2018 National Grant Scheme

The 18th allocation of funding under the National Grant Scheme for Physical Activity for Older People took place on Wednesday 28th November 2018.

Announcing the successful grantees at the National Sports Campus, John Treacy, Chief Executive of Sport Ireland, said:

“The ‘Go for Life’ initiative continues to power ahead as a valuable resource in getting more older people active. We never cease to be amazed by the popularity and enthusiasm for the ‘Go for Life’ programme,” he said. “Sport Ireland, along with our partner Age & Opportunity work tirelessly to deliver opportunities and grants to as many deserving clubs and groups as is possible. There has never been a greater focus on being active and understanding the benefit of keeping fit, and ‘Go for Life’ is indicative of that appetite in older age-groups.”

The number of people who will take part in activities funded by the 2018 grant scheme is over 30,000. The investment provided by the grant will be subsidised by over 77% of groups and participants. The number of grants allocated exceeds 1000 for the sixth time and the percentage of successful applicants is 92%.

A full list of the 1,028 groups and their funding amounts can be downloaded here:

Go for Life National Grant Recipients 2018 (PDF).


Sport Ireland CEO John Treacy joins in the Go for Life Games at the grant scheme launch at the National Sports Campus.


"The Go For Life grant will make such a difference to the lives of our community" 

Deirdre from Dominic's Community Centre Ltd, Tallaght

The Grant Scheme is a joint initiative between Age & Opportunity’s Go for Life programme and Sport Ireland.  Grants are available to all eligible local clubs, groups and organisations that promote increased participation in recreational sport or physical activity for older people as a main element of their activities. A total of approx €300,000 was available in grants in 2018. Each grant is usually between €100 and €700.

Overall aim

The National Grant Scheme aims to assist in the implementation of locally-developed, well-planned initiatives designed to increase participation in recreational sport and physical activity by older people. In particular, the scheme is aimed at:

  • supporting the work of Go for Life including the network of PALs (Physical Activity Leaders) and the development of Go for Life Games and other initiatives;
  • assisting local clubs/organisations to enhance existing opportunities for their members in recreational sport and physical activity;
  • assisting local clubs/organisations to start new initiatives geared at involving older people in recreational sport and physical activity.

Who can apply?

Grants are available to all eligible local clubs, groups and organisations that promote increased participation in recreational sport or physical activity for older people as a main element of their activities. Commercial, statutory or umbrella bodies, or their agents, are not eligible for funding under this grant scheme. One exception to this are Local Sports Partnerships who are eligible to apply. Day centres completely funded and directed by statutory bodies, such as the HSE, are not eligible. Grants are made available for sport or physical activity for older people and the overall membership of applicants must be such that older people will be the beneficiaries of the grant monies. Funding for sports clubs will not be considered unless the application specifically relates to older people. Only one application per group will be considered.






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