As our population changes, the role that we as older people are playing in Irish communities is changing.

Community Groups

Some communities have been bolstered by our active involvement in projects with community gain. Other communities are struggling to support certain groups of older people with complex needs.

At Age & Opportunity, we believe the only way forward for communities is to acknowledge older people, that contribution, these skills and needs. From here, we can build ways in which older people can play a more active role as partners to community development, working both with other older people and in an intergenerational way.

Our education work helps to build a positive bond within groups and provides the basis for collective action. Courses such as Taking Stock and Ageing with Confidence encourage people to look at how our lives change as we age, what happens to us and to our relationships as well as looking at what is on offer to us within our communities. Our course, The Community Effect, builds on that bond to help people to start new projects and to make a difference in their communities. The Community Effect is a good starting point for groups who want to begin new projects like community gardens, Men's Sheds or for groups who simply want to explore ways in which they can make their community a better place to live, for themselves and for everyone.

Our work in sport and the arts over the years has created opportunities for groups and clubs to grow and develop. They have provided a goal and an occasion for activity and, in the case of the Go for Life Small Grant Scheme, have provided small grants for the purchase of equipment, for paying a trainer so that the group can try something new or for organising a SportsFest to bring different groups together in a county.

If you would like to discuss ways in which we might help your community group, contact us to discuss how we might work together.

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