Ireland is ageing. We are part of a global trend where people are living longer, healthier lives.


This will affect how we think about getting older, about how we organise our lives and the kinds of changes we will see in social relationships. You and everyone you work with and the customers or clients you work for will all be affected by it too.

At a fundamental level, Age & Opportunity believes that you need to begin to consider what it means for your organisation so that you can plan strategically for this change. A useful place to start is with an AgeWise workshop, which explores our attitudes to ageing and how unhelpful stereotypes can grow out of those attitudes. These stereotypes can then lead to faulty thinking, structural discrimination and bad planning.

All organisations have an obligation to ensure that they do not discriminate on age grounds in either employment or the delivery of goods and services. Most organisations, however, also feel an obligation to understand their customers and to support their staff at different stages of their career. Older people are now a growing, diverse customer base for many businesses and are starting to make up larger numbers of the staff, the trading partners, the subcontractors for your business.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you to develop both your policy and practice in positive ageing, we provide consultancy services that can assist you and your staff. Contact us to find out more.

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