As older people live longer, healthier lives, how we interact with everything from hospitals, primary care centres, day services, nursing homes and home help services is changing.

Health Services

More and more, we are seeing older people take a more active part in managing their own health and wanting more of a responsibility in their own care.

At Age & Opportunity, we have worked with health service staff in a number of settings to engage with older people and to promote a realistic but ambitious view of older people's needs and wants in healthcare today. Our AgeWise, anti-ageism workshop often proves a useful first step for people in health or care settings to see beyond the stereotypes of who or what older people are and to start to build services that acknowledge the diversity of older people.

Our Go for Life programme trains volunteers to lead physical activity in their own groups. These Physical Activity Leaders (or PALs) deliver fun and refreshing activity sessions that help to promote balance, posture, bone and muscle strength. They are also highly social sessions to promote emotional wellbeing. The Go for Life FitLine is another volunteer-run service, providing peer motivational support for people who are not part of a group or club but want to get more active. Go for Life is delivered through the HSE Health Promotion Units and the Local Sports Partnerships.

We promote positive emotional and mental health through our education programmes. Our Ageing with Confidence and Taking Stock programmes encourage people to look at what how our attitudes, our bodies, our relationships change as we age. Often, these programmes lead into The Community Effect, which encourages people to take a bigger role in their community.

A significant number of events in our arts and culture work, especially in the Bealtaine festival, are run in health settings such as nursing homes and hospitals. We continue to promote excellence in creative activities, particularly for people who live in care settings. Our new Creative Exchanges training programme provides Activity Coordinators with in-depth knowledge of providing meaningful activities to people who live in nursing homes. Our Azure project explores creating better arts and culture experiences for people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, and the people who care for them.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you to develop both your policy and practice in positive ageing , we provide consultancy services as well as a wide range of tried and tested programmes that can assist you and your staff. Contact us today.

CarePALs Workshops

CarePALs Workshops

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